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Programming        Assets       Audio        UI / UX

Interactive art projects built and coded from the ground up myself.

I would like to thank the developers of Unity and Game Maker as well as their large helpful communities where I have learned and enjoyed working with various members for a long time.

Applications available in .exe format

Explore, survive, loot and remedy disasters as an ocean research division falls into chaos.


When a mutating toxin is released all over the research zone, local wildlife swarms in a destructive frenzy. You must contain the outbreak and protect yourself from ravenous hostiles with Gadgets, Abilities, Perks and a variety of Weapons and Weapon Mods.


Pardon the construction tape!

This game is still under development.

Current version features:

- 13 Missions

- 5 Weapons & 18 Enemies

- 8 Gadgets, 8 Abilities, 8 Perks

- Level up Gadgets & Abilities 3x ( Perks 10x )

- 6 Weapon Mods & 5 Special Ammo types

- Learn about the crisis, the enemies you face and the personal tales of the crew via Logs

Mobile build coming soon!

Copyright 2019 | Created in Unity 3D with C#

Version - Build 16.05  ( 1/18/2021 )

3D RPG (2021)


  • PC

  • Android

  • Xbox & IOS ?


  • 1st Person

  • 3rd Person

  • TopDown


3D Action Adventure RPG (2021)

2D Platform and Top-Down Gameplay. Battle Iconic Characters from across the universe! Shoot, kick, and grenade your way to victory! Equip 2 guns at once with tons of unlockable weapons, abilities, and gear.


This WIP build is missing levels 1 & 3 but the other 8 are fully functional. The project remains unfinished due to removal of several Game Maker system functions on which this game depended.

Copyright 2013 | Created in Game Maker 8.1 with GML

Ranger School: THE GAME

2D Platform Shooter (2013)

3D Gameplay. Highscore. Randomly Generated Envinronment. Power Ups, Rockets and Repairs. 10 Zones with many kinds of enemies from soldiers and RPG troopers to hostile Helicopters and incoming missiles.

Copywrite 2011 | Created in Game Maker 7 with GML

Helicopter Hero

3D Scrolling Shooter (2011)

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