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Feel free to message me about projects or work that could benefit from my skills - freelance or otherwise. I am open to a variety of job positions and enjoy many different types of projects.

Thank you! Message sent.


Proficient Programs


Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects,

Premier Pro, Dreamweaver



Maya, 3DS Max, Match Mover


Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Zbrush, Blender

FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Audacity

Proficient Coding Languages

C#   HTML   CSS   JS

When I was growing up in the early 90's posters, games and movies were the only things that mattered. My parents gave me Photoshop Elements when I was 12 years old and it was love at first click. By the age of 13 I started interacting with my creations in my own home movies and video games. In 2016 I earned my Computer Animation degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, boosting my passions to a professional level.


  • Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

  • Website Development (Front-End)

  • Video Production & Audio Engineering

  • Visual FX & Compositing

  • 3D Models & Animation

  • UI and UX Design

  • Sound Effects, Recording, Foley

  • Music Composition, Mixing & Mastering


My avidity for crafting these assets and the desired experience as a whole has allowed me to be a jack of [many] trades. Well practiced in these methods and others, I look forward to using my talents alongside like-minded individuals and teams to breathe life into quality work that benefits the modern world with unified art and technology.

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